About Us


Nantong GELD Technology Co., Ltd. is a young company with strong ability in sourcing and development of optical fiber, optical cable, power cable, cable raw material and cable related accessories. She was born late, but has a mature team:

Leader: Contacts involving industry experts, scientific research institutions, internationally renowned testing institutions and various factories all over China.
Execution and quality management team: They have worked in TUV, Intertek and SGS to escort the product quality of customers.
Financial team: The CFO holds a senior financial management certificate, and on the basis of being familiar with the national tax rate policy, she can accurately control the procurement cost for customers and improve the competitive advantage of products.
Delivery team: They have been engaged in freight forwarding for many years and strictly controlled the rapid and reliable delivery of products.

Consultant Expert:

Mr Anjum, who has been engaged in optical cable industry for more than 30 years, is proficient in factory layout design, product design, production process and after-sales guidance of all optical cable &accessories. Meanwhile, he is the CEO of our company in the Middle East market.
Mr Zhang, who has been engaged in FTTH and FTTx engineering for more than 25 years, is proficient in complex scenario scheme design, project budget, material planning and project implementation.
We don't have gorgeous appearance, we have real connotation.
We don't have long-term accumulation of corporate culture, we have perfect solutions.
We have the service ability of one-stop procurement. You can also choose to cooperate directly with our cooperative factories.


Guided by the concept of "integrity, dedication, innovation and realism", the organizational culture of "dedication and dedication" has penetrated into the hearts of employees, attracting a large number of high-quality talents in this environment, and laying a firm foundation for customers to provide quality services.

★ Our slogan is win-win.

● Our pursuit is to reduce procurement costs for customers.

◆ Unlimited communication and growth.

♥ Best Regards.