• Water Blocking cable filling Jelly

    Water Blocking cable filling Jelly

    Cable jelly is a chemically stable mixture of solid, semi-solid and liquid hydrocarbon. The cable jelly is free from impurities, have a neutral smell and contain no moisture.

    In the course of plastic telephone communication cables, people come to realize that due to plastic has a certain moisture permeability, resulting in the cable there are problems in water terms, often resulting cable core is water intrusion, the impact of communication, the inconvenience of production and life.

  • Optical fiber filling Jelly

    Optical fiber filling Jelly

    The optical fiber cable industry manufactures optical fiber cables by encasing the optical fibers in a polymeric sheathing. A jelly is placed between the polymeric sheathing and the optical fiber. The purpose of this jelly is to provide water resistance and as a buffer to bending stresses and strains.Typical sheathing materials are polymeric in nature with polypropylene (PP) and polybutylterepthalate (PBT) being the most commonly used sheathing materials. The jelly is usually a non-Newtonian oil.