Check Out The Optical Fiber And Cable Industry

In 2019, it is worth writing a special book in the history of Chinese information and communication. In June, 5G was issued and 5G was commercialized in October, China's mobile communication industry also developed from 1G lag, 2G catch, 3G breakthrough and 4G to 5G leading.

However, for the optical fiber and cable industry, this year is at the key node of "green", FTTx and 4G construction is close to an end, 5G is just on the road, for years to enjoy the glory of optical communication manufacturers, this year is quite bitter. From the financial report, China's optical fiber "big five", Changfei, Hengtong, Fiberhome, Fortis, Zhongtian in the first three quarters of 2019 performance is not satisfactory. Although China's 5G was officially commercialized in the fourth quarter, the overall demand did not improve too much.

However, the industry is widely expected that China will carry out 5G scale construction in 2020, and China Mobile also started the bidding of SPN bearing equipment at the end of 2019, and the construction plan has been put on the agenda. Wei Leping, an industry expert, has repeatedly said, " 5G competition is evolving into competition for fiber-optic infrastructure." This also means that 5G will start the next golden decade, driving the demand for optical fiber and cable, optical communication manufacturers should have more expectations.

Post time: Sep-09-2022