Strategic Cooperation between GELD and Wasin Fujikura

Nantong GELD Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “GELD”) recently reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Nanjing Wasin Fujikura Optical Communication Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Wasin Fujikura”), Wasin Fujikura officially authorizing GELD as it’s distributor of Wasin Fujikura optical fibers which including G652D,G657A1,G657A2,G655…

This cooperation marks a solid step in the introduction and development of Wasin Fujikura in the whole market, and will surely bring new opportunities and vitality to the communications industry in the whole world.

As a well-known optical communication product agent and service provider in China, GELD has focused on the development of the optical fiber field since its establishment and is committed to providing customers with high-quality, stable and reliable optical communication products and solutions. Wasin Fujikura from Nanjing is a leader in the field of optical communications. Its products enjoy a high reputation in domestic and foreign markets and are well received by industry insiders. This cooperation with GELD will definitely further strengthen the competitiveness of the two companies in the optical fiber market and achieve mutually beneficial and win-win results in the whole market.

According to the cooperation agreement, GELD will become the cooperative agent of Wasin Fujikura in China, specifically responsible for the sales and promotion of Wasin Fujikura’s various optical fiber products. GELD will give full play to its sales network and customer resources in the whole market, and go all out to provide market expansion and product promotion support for Wasin Fujikura, with a view to achieving sales targets in a short time and improving Wasin Fujikura. Brand awareness in the whole market.

The cooperation between Nantong GELD Technology Co., Ltd. and Nanjing Wasin Fujikura Optical Communication Ltd will inject new vitality and power into the optical fiber communication market and provide customers with more and better products and services. I believe that with the joint efforts of both parties, will definitely achieve gratifying results and bring a better tomorrow to the optical communications industry.

Post time: Dec-28-2023