Large-reel hot printing tape/marking tape—over 14 km per roll

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large-reel hot printing tape is the latest technology newly developed based on market demands. It makes qualitative breakthroughs on the basis of small-reel hot printing tape and ink-jet printing, giving adequate consideration to benefits of optical cable and electric cable manufacturing enterprises, it minimizes the production cost and maximizes the productivity effect.

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The large-reel thermal printing ribbon will take the place of traditional printing modes by its very high cost performance . The large-reel thermal printing ribbon breaks through the cost saving bottleneck of traditional time - consuming. labor 一consuming and fund- consuming printing modes. without need to replace reels frequently ,each reel of large-reel thermal printing ribbon can be used for printing 30 km - 35 km of optical cables.

Product Specifications

Emerging in response to the needs of times,the large-reel hot printing tape complies with the development of industry and it is highly appreciated by customers with its unique advantages. Based on our factory's many years of production experience and customers production status. our factory introduces the latest technology to make optical cable enterprises which used small-reel hot printing tape originally use large-reel hot printing tapes without need to change their original production lines.

The large-reel hot printing tape has taken the place of small-reel hot printing tape and ink-jet printing. The large-reel hot printing tape defeats traditional printing modes. In summary, it is money-saving, labor- saving and time-saving as a new technology.

The product which is provided with colors like while, yellow and black etc. (where the product in yellow is a correction tape) , is a supporting material for cable printing and meter counting. We provides products with five width specifications including 6 mm.7mm,8mm,9mm and 10mm based on users actual production status and the inner diameter of their roll core is 25.

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