Small-reel hot printing tape —1km per roll

Short Description:

Optical cable, pipe printing tape should be no leakage coating, smooth surface, neat edge, no burr and peeling phenomenon, tensile strength ≥2.5N, transfer temperature is generally about 60℃-90℃, can also be adjusted according to the actual situation of customer production.

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Product Description

The hot printing tape for cable coding and marking is used to print the batch code on the cable and wire with cabel and wire printer. The hot printing tape  for cable coding and marking has yellow, blue and white color, and we can make the size as you need. The hot printing tape produces abrasion-resistant markings in high quality. In this process a heated printing wheel packet presses printing tape onto the material to be printed on. 

Product Applications

This product is a hot-print material specially used for typing the factory name, trade mark, type, specification, year, length of moldings on the cables surface, it also used for printing on various grades of polyethylene pipe and other plastics used in the Pipe Marking industry. A special high durability pigment product is available for printing on PVC pipe.

This product adopts the unique prescription and advanced work crafts. Each technical indicator has already reached and exceeded abroad like products.

Product Specifications

Strong color powder adhesion; Fine surface smoothness; Kind polyester bring intensity; Bright colors of the hot-seal sheath; Good viscidity; Good resistance, can print on the plastic pipe;

Color: White (regular) Yellow (revised color) Black (for telecommunication cable), RF cable jacket is blue and green.

Technical index

Length 500~1000m
6mm 、7mm、8mm、 9mm、10mm
Thickness 0.015mm
Circular hole 25mm
Heat seal temperature 60 ℃-90 ℃
Thermal effect Clear, bright color. Thermal printing a variety of size for the font, not fuzzy pattern.
Fastness Grit discoloring 20 or more times after the hot sealing.
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Packing Carton then on the pallet.

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