Optical Fiber Pigtails Terminal Box

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The Fiber Optic Terminal Box is a kind of fiber optic management products used to distribute and protect the optical fiber links in FTTH Network. It is available for the distribution and terminal connection of various kinds of optical fiber system. These units are available in sizes that fit the most common distribution requirements. we provide is a kind of high quality, micro sized fiber optical termination box made of quality cold-rolled steel sheet and undergoes static plastic spraying treatment. The box can be installed in the indoor rack mount chassis and the indoor wall and terrace

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Product Features

1) Standard size, light weight and reasonable structure

2) Can be used in 19'', 23'' standard distribution frame

3) Suitable for ribbon and single fiber

4) Various panel plate to fit different adapter interface

5) Front mark on the plate is easy for identification and operation

6) 12C ,24C, 36C, 48C, 72C ,96C optional, with or without fiber optic pigtails and adapters


Rack Mount, Wall Mount. Suitable for FC adapter, ST adapter, SC adapter, LC adapter etc.

19 inches; 1U for 12 splices, 24 splices,2U installation for 32 splices, 48 splices, and 3U for 64, 72 & 96 splices.

Suitable for ribbon and bunchy fiber cable

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Optical Fiber Pigtails Termina7
Optical Fiber Pigtails Termina6
Optical Fiber Pigtails Termina1

Technical characteristics

Service life: 20 years

Insulation resistance: ≥ 2×104MΩ (test voltage: 500VDC)

withstand voltage strength: 1min no breakdown, no arcing phenomena under 15KV DC

Fire-retardant class: UL94 VO 70Kpa-106Kpa


1. Fiber to the home(FTTB)

2. Optical network3.Local area networks

4. Wide area networks

5. Telecommunication network

6. Central office optical cable system

7. Premise fiber network


Fiber Capacity of panel

12-144 core(12 24 48 port usually)

Inser and pull times


Panel Connector





Sliding Fixed


19'' 1U/2U/3U/4U...




Cold Rolled Steel or Aluminum

Storage Temperature





1.0 1.2 mm



1.0 1.2 mm

Cable ties, mounting ear screws, and spiral wrap tube



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