Outdoor Optical cable cross connection cabinet

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Optical cable cross connecting cabinet distribution cable (user-side cable) directly with the pigtail terminal (but not to end), pigtail can be connected directly to the optical splitter cable into a port or board to end flange; side directly or optical splitter pigtail terminals can be connected directly to the user pigtail cable into the side of the side flange.

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Product Description

Different from the traditional cable cross connecting cabinet, optical cable cross connecting cabinet(no optical fiber jumper) has the following advantages.

1. Optical splitter with reference to the full and effective access to the core wire to increase the number of cable boxes, and meet the requirements of FTTH construction.

2. Out of the cabinets bare fiber modules reduce fiber laying neatly inside the cabinet and not messy, easy operation and maintenance.

3. Core cable access effectively reduce the number of feeders compared to traditional cable cross connecting cabinet, effectively improve the utilization of optical resources.

4. Each fiber routing can reduce 1-2 adapter is connected, you can reduce the 0.5-1db light attenuation loss.

Composition & Mounting-Type

Cabinet body, internal structure and working unit, fiber optic connectors and equipment accessories.

Indoor floor, interior wall, outdoor aerial, outdoor floor, outdoor and indoor and outdoor wall mounting Universal.

Product Features

No jumper cable cross connecting cabinet is a type of interface device for outdoor fiber optic trunk cables and wiring connections, the fiber can be achieved directly connecting and wiring connections and cross-connections.

1. Cabinet body is made of high strength polyester SMC material, good corrosion resistance, aging resistance, can withstand severe weather. Can change and adapt to the harsh working environment, the service lifetime up to 20 years.

2. Dust and pests proof: a channel between the cabinet and the floor below, can adjust the air pressure inside the cabinet. This channel with sealed door to prevent dust and insects from entering the cabinet. And the SMC body material structure can even more prevent from termites.

3. Cabinet is with good sealing performance, protection grade reaches GB/T4208 IP65 level.

4. Has good performance and tamper-resistant features installed.

Packaging, Transport and Storage

Packaging: First package with carton, then place it on the wood case tray, then outer package with carton.

Packaging First package1
Packaging First package3
Packaging First package2

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