Optical fiber secondary plastics production line

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This production line is used for the extrusion production of 2 ~ 12 core oil-filled fiber optic loose tube. Extruded material in PBT.

The extruded beam tube is round in shape, uniform in diameter and smooth.

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Main Technical Parameters

Number of fiber cores: 12core

Fiber cabling tension: 0.4~1.2N±0.05N

Optical fiber pay-off: Ф236×Ф160×108 mm; Ф265×Ф160×250 mm

take-up tension: 2.5~12N

Structural speed of production line: 700 m/min

Normal production rate: Φ1.8mm production speed 550m/min. (6-core fiber beam tube); Φ2.5mm production speed 400m/min. (12-core fiber beam tube)

Length meter error: < 0.5‰

Wire diameter fluctuation: 0.02mm

Take-up bobbins: PN800mm

Optical fiber additional attenuation: G652D<0.005db/km(mean)

Production line operation direction: Left to put right

Color of production line: Mechanical part color: RAL5015/ Electrical Color: RAL 7032/ Rotating part color: RAL 2003

Length of production line: ≤30M

Input Power: 70KVA 380v±5% 50Hz AC Phase 3 +N wire + ground wire

Structure of Equipment

1. 12-channel optical fiber active cabling cabinet 1PC
2 Optical fiber collecting device (with the removal of electrostatic device)        1PC
3. Paste degassing filling device 1PC
4. 60/30 extruder (including master material mixing and feeding machine, plastic dryer) 1PC 
5. Color bar head + mold 1PC
6. 4 m movable constant +4 m temperature water tank and constant temperature water tank 1PC
7. Φ600mm+Φ400mm double wheel redundant tractor 1PC
8. Φ600mm+Φ400mm dual-wheel multi-turn cooling tractor (with a 5P refrigerator) 1PC
9. Blow and blot dryer 2SET
10. Two - dimensional outside diameter caliper 1SET
11. Residual tension controller 1PC
12. Thread pulling tension controller 1PC
13. PN800mm double disc automatic switching wire receiving and routing machine 1PC
14. Electronic control system 1PC
15. Cable and cable tray for connecting equipment in production line 1SET

Brief Introduction of Each Component

One 12-channel optical fiber cabling cabinet
12 optical fiber active laying out: AC long shaft motor drive, Danvers frequency converter speed regulation;
Aluminum alloy frame, using 6*2 distribution structure.
Hanging shaft type plate, fast mandrel locking device fixed disc; Each route has a separate enabling knob.
Broken fiber alarm: with broken fiber detection, broken fiber speed stop and broken fiber alarm function, broken fiber automatically reduced to low speed and stop (the low speed is set by the user, generally 20m/min.)
Non-contact sensor + eccentric wheel structure; The tension control mode of swing bar is median control. PID regulation. The moving position of the counterweight can adjust the tension of the fiber.
Optical fiber payout disc is standard: 25,50 KM optical fiber disc, maximum weight 8kg
Hook: Each cable release unit of the fiber release frame is equipped with a hook for placing the smooth rod fast nut locking device.
Tension and precision: 0.3 ~ 1.5N±0.05N
Wiring structure speed: 700m/min.
Optical fiber collecting device (with the removal of electrostatic device)
In addition to electrostatic selection Shanghai QEEPO; A high voltage electrostatic removal device is provided before the optical fiber enters the oil filling mold at the nose.
Equipped with optical fiber clamping device.
Ointment defoaming and filling device (one drag one)
The ointment unit is composed of primary pump + vacuum degassing paste storage barrel + circulating pump + secondary metering pump system.
The first stage pump is a gear pump, which automatically controls the oil from the raw material bucket to the paste storage bucket. The liquid level control adopts weighing structure or liquid level sensor structure.
The storage barrel is stainless steel structure, the maximum storage capacity is 140L, the vacuum degree is Max.-0.06Mpa.
The large flow circulation pump keeps the paste in the barrel always in the circulating degassing state, and the negative pressure debubbles.
The metering pump draws glue from the paste storage bucket and fills it to the head paste filling device. The maximum flow rate of paste is 2 liters/min
Metering pump adopts precision metering pump, drive motor using servo motor system;
It has high and low oil paste alarm, vacuum degree display, and equipped with sound and light alarm lamp.

SJ60×30 extrusion unit and head (including feeding and drying unit, with material level alarm)
Zhejiang Zhoushan Jinhu SJ60×30 extruder, Huajian connection, good linearity.
Aspect ratio: 30:1
Screw speed: 100rpm
Maximum extrusion capacity:80kg/h
Cylinder heating power: cylinder five areas (the first area 5KW, the last four areas 3.7Kw)
Cooling mode: the cylinder is cooled by the fan (4 sections), and the water jacket is cooled by circulating water (1 section).
Cooling fan power: 60W/380V
Main motor: 30KW Siemens Beder frequency conversion motor + encoder
Driver: Danvers frequency converter
The neck is connected with the head of the machine for the Haf type, the neck Haf heating for the internal heating type, rod type stainless steel heating rod
The whole machine has the function of temperature monitoring and protection, that is, the machine cannot be started until the temperature is set, the temperature drops in the production process, and the safety alarm will not stop.
The connection between screw and extruder reducer is spline connection, convenient disassembly, manual ejection,
Equipped with 100kg plastic dryer, the temperature of drying material can be set. Drying machine with low material level acousto-optic alarm function. Transparent view mirror shows material level.
Floor type vacuum automatic feeder.
It is equipped with haiole master material mixer, controlled by ac frequency converter and synchronized with extryuder, The proportion of ingredients can be adjusted and synchronized with the production line speed, and the color of beam tube does not change significantly when the speed is raised or raised.
Nose and die
U14 head and die, customized by domestic professional manufacturers. The color bar function is reserved in the nose, and the color bar injection port is above the nose.
Function configuration: Die core is self-centering, die cover fine adjustment eccentric structure, with die cover 2 dimensional fine adjustment function, each line with a set of standard shunting cone
The nose is divided into three sections (neck zone 1, nose zone 1, die port zone 1) heating and temperature control, 220VAC coated heater. Each section is equipped with mercury thermometer temperature measuring port, imported temperature controller (OMRON) + K-type thermocouple + solid state relay to control the temperature, real-time digital display to set and detect the temperature, with temperature lower limit protection function. Temperature control range: room temperature ~ 300℃±2℃.
Paste: The structure of coating the paste on the outside of the machine head with optical fiber. Paste filling mold X\Y\Z three directions can be adjusted.
The extrusion mould and oiling mould with 1.8mm beam tube are used for debugging. (The buyer shall provide the wall thickness of bundle tube)
4m hot water tank + Hot water tank +4m warm water tank
Hot water tank structure: stainless steel double-layer heat preservation wide body water tank, near the head of the small water tank is not multi-section structure, water flow will not directly flush the casing; All sides and the bottom are equipped with insulation layer, equipped with cover plate, the tank is 4 meters long, the front end can move 400mm, and the locking device is used to maintain stability.
Water flow control: 1. The hot water tank near the nose is equipped with a double-layer small water bucket to ensure that the casing can be fully immersed in the hot water tank at high and low speeds, and the water flow is controlled by the electric regulating valve; 2. The first section of the water tank head does not splash back water.
Double warm water tank with lid. The dimensions are 900 mm long, 450 mm wide and 1100 mm high. Water tank water refill pipe (water) 6 pipe diameter and solenoid valve (safe DC 24V), 1 1/2 "overflow pipe, and the overflow pipe and sewage pipe 1 1/2" connected as a whole. The water tank and the pump body are connected with 1 "pipe fittings. Water pump inlet filter, installation position in the water tank, easy to remove and clean.
Water tank temperature: room temperature ~ 80℃±2℃, there are temperature points in the water tank; The temperature can be displayed and set in the temperature control meter;
With automatic water (using pneumatic valve), overflow and cooling water circulation, water tank and sink inlet and overflow port should have a filter, and easy to remove and clean.
The heater is 220V/3KW from Shanghai Shangyuan Electric Appliance Factory.
Stainless steel pressure level detection switch is used in the level controller.
4m warm water tank structure: stainless steel double-layer thermal insulation water tank, equipped with thermal insulation layer around and at the bottom, equipped with cover plate, 4 meters long water tank, equipped with V-shaped small water bucket. Share a temperature zone with the rear traction tank.
The sink is rigid and the thickness of stainless steel is not less than 2mm.
The upper and lower water pipes are galvanized pipes.
Φ600mm+Φ400mm double wheel multi turn long tractor
The box is made of stainless steel, with safety door, easy to open and watertight.
Traction wheel: 600mm diameter, stainless steel, static balance correction.
Parting wheel: ABS plastic 10-piece regulating wheel + stainless steel bearing.
Warm water spray spray device, with open and close door, with observation port, small floating ball liquid level switch to control the return pump
It is driven by 3KW Japanese Panasonic AC servo motor and controller.
Traction structure speed: 700m/min.

Φ600mm+Φ400mm dual-wheel multi-turn cooling tractor (with a 5P chiller)
Box made of stainless steel, safety door, easy to open, no water leakage.
Traction wheel: Ф600mm diameter, stainless steel material, static balance correction.
Parting wheel: ABS plastic 10-piece regulating wheel + stainless steel bearing.
Cold water spray spray device, with open and close door, with observation port, small floating ball liquid level switch to control the return pump
It is driven by 3KW Japanese Panasonic AC servo motor and controller.
Traction structure speed: 700m/min.
With 5P industrial chiller

Blow-drying device (2 sets)
Three stage blow-dryer, first stage 2 nylon open and close blow-dryer, with ceramic ring; The second part of the suction structure, vortex pump suction, a backwater device; 2 nylon open and close blow-dryers with ceramic ring for the third section;
Compressed air source for blow dryer. Whirlpool air pump for absorbers.
Two 1.1KW vortex air pumps are equipped to absorb water and steam attached to the beam tube.
The blower is installed in a soundproof box, which has sound insulation and noise reduction function to reduce the noise generated by compressed air.

Two - dimensional caliper + mechanical drum detection
Brand: Shanghai Gongjiu
Measurement range: 0.1 ~ 10mm
Measurement accuracy: ±(0.005+0.02%D)mm D is the reading value
The main control unit has diameter measuring curve, length positioning timely display information, alarm and other records, and the main control unit has alarm lights.
Residual tension controller
Swing rod type residual tension controller, three wheel dance structure, counterweight adjustment tension.
Tension sensor uses non-contact analog sensor + eccentric wheel, PID median adjustment.
Regulating wheel: Φ300mm aluminum alloy regulating wheel
Tension range: 3 ~ 10N

Thread pulling tension controller
It adopts the structure of storage line, the regulating wheel on the swing rod and the fixed wheel on the pillar adopt the multi-wheel group, and the swing rod tension control mode, the tension is kept constant in the production process.
Tension sensor uses non-contact analog sensor + eccentric wheel, PID median adjustment.
2 meters of line storage line tension controller, balance block to adjust tension.
Regulating wheel :Φ300mm aluminum alloy regulating wheel
Tension range: 2.5 ~ 6.5N
Tension wheel structure: upper 3 and lower 2
PN800 double disc automatic switching wire receiving and routing machine
Top mounting structure, the line is driven by 5.5KW AC motor, frequency conversion speed regulation, automatic synchronization with traction speed. And in the production process to set the length of the plate can be automatically changed, by modifying the pitch can adjust the quality of the line and the line reversing point in real time.
The ball screw is driven by Panasonic AC servo system. The wire wheel moves left and right on the linear guide to realize the wire function. The wire speed is always automatically synchronized with the receiving speed.
Fully automatic disc changing double retracting wire, strengthen the frame structure, the wire collector is equipped with two electrostatic precipitator, and separately equipped with anti-collision protection device, to prevent electrostatic precipitator from being hit by the plate;
Pneumatic top type upper and lower disc, pneumatic clamping mechanism, with operation locking function and disk automatic inspection origin function. It has the function of door switch protection to prevent the equipment from starting and running during the operation of loading and unloading disks.
Control mode: 1. Set section length automatically change disk and manual change disk, with to section length reminder function and the end of the automatic interface prompt. Ac servo drive lead screw line, synchronous with line retraction, automatic reversing, with reversing failure limit protection mechanism, can modify the line parameters online, reversing point adjustment and manual quick routing; 2, AC drive winding, manual forward and reverse operation (winding and laying out), completely constant tension winding, with dance wheel lower limit, drive fault alarm and automatic response shutdown function.
Alternating current motor and precise guide bar positioning system are adopted for the movement of the changing plate, which ensures smooth movement without impact and accurate positioning through automatic speed regulation.
Independent electric control system by Siemens PLC S7-Smart200 and Danfoss AC frequency conversion speed regulation system, man-machine interface using touch screen to achieve simple and convenient operation.

The protective door above the use of two rails, to ensure that the protective door will not shake;
Disk installation specifications: PN800(disk diameter Φ800× 600× axle hole Φ80mm)
Speed of winding structure: 700m/min
Cable pitch: adjustable from 1.2 to 5mm
Success rate of disk replacement: 99% (500M/MIN)
Electronic control system
The whole machine adopts the control technology of combining industrial computer and programmable controller (PC+PLC) to realize the synchronous operation of the whole line and the independent operation of the single machine.
Production operation, parameter setting and display are carried out by industrial computer; The production control process, such as motor start and stop, signal setting, motor speed and other production state acquisition, is realized by PLC; Data transfer between industrial computer and PLC through communication port; Can realize the production operation, alarm display, production line emergency stop and other functions; The serial communication between the industrial computer and the diameter measuring instrument can realize the remote real-time display of outer diameter.
The industrial computer adopts domestic mature industrial computer, the display adopts liquid crystal display, the industrial computer and display frame are installed on the electric control cabinet.
The PLC (programmable logic controller) used in the whole production line is made of S7 series products of Siemens, and the products run reliably.
Extruder drive using Danvers drive;
Temperature control using Omron instrument;
The electric cabinet is in the style of Wei diagram, and the power supply is three-phase (380V/50Hz) five-wire wiring;
All the grounding wires and shell of the equipment have reliable grounding;
The man-machine interface provided by industrial computer mainly includes:
Production INTERFACE: PROVIDES button and parameter setting window for all operation functions of the production line, including: line speed display, line speed setting, extruder speed and current display, extruder speed setting, pull and extruder start/stop buttons and product length, etc., while showing the overall production line status.
Alarm interface: display and record the alarm signal of each part of the production line, so as to facilitate the operator's inquiry.
Curve interface: HISTORICAL curves of production line speed, main engine speed, extrusion machine flow and product outside diameter, alarm, convenient for operators to query historical data.
Formula interface: the operator can establish the formula according to the process parameters, and the existing formula can be directly pulled out for use when in use.
Cable and overhead cable tray for connecting equipment in production line
The supplier shall provide cables and overhead grooves for connecting equipment in the production line.
The main power intake cable shall be provided by the demander.

The Supplier Shall Provide The Demander With The Following Technical Data

Equipment operation manual and operation manual, the premise of commissioning to provide the demander;

The basic diagram of the shape of the equipment;

The electrical principle and wiring diagram of the equipment (the actual wiring is consistent with the line number and the control system);

Mold Drawing

Transmission and lubrication drawings;

Certificate and date of delivery of outsourced components (including computer mainframe);

Parts and details of installation and maintenance;

A guide to the operation and maintenance of the equipment and a description of the purchased parts;

Provide necessary mechanical drawings according to equipment condition;

Supply of purchased spare parts and self-made spare parts, tools (including models, drawings, preferential prices of manufacturers and suppliers);

Provide the equipment wearing parts table.


Equipment safety standards: Production equipment in line with the relevant national equipment safety standards. The exterior of the device is marked with safety warning labels (for example, high voltage and rotation). The whole production line has reliable grounding protection, and the mechanical rotating part has reliable protective cover. 

Other Conventions

After the completion of the equipment, notify the demander to the supplier to participate in the preliminary inspection of the equipment (inspection of the appearance and basic performance of the equipment, without online debugging); The Demander shall conduct inspection according to the technical requirements table, production line equipment configuration table and other contents, and conduct preliminary acceptance according to process operation, equipment maintenance, structural rationality and safety.

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