Technical specification of sheath production line

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Equipment use: It is used for the production of outer sheath of layer stranded cable.

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Main Technical Specifications And Indicators of The Equipment

Maximum production speed: 100M / min; (Φ 10mm) (different product structure, different line speed)

Release coil size: PN1000~PN2000mm;

Maximum weight of the tray: 3T;

External diameter of cable core (max.): 30mm;

Size of winding reel: PN800~PN2000mm;

Maximum weight of the reel: 4T;

Outer diameter of sheath (max.): 35mm±0.1mm;

Meter error: ≤2‰;

Additional product decay: ≤0.02dB/Km(SM、MM);

Production line color: specified by the Buyer;

Line direction: specified by the Buyer

Total installed power: About 120 KW

All parts of the production line are new products, made of high quality materials, machining accuracy of smooth surface, shape

Beautiful looking, smooth welds, excellent paint quality.

Electrical components and materials are new products of regular manufacturers, installation, wiring specifications, in line with the installation standards of low-voltage electrical appliances.

Line Composition


PN1000mm to PN2000mm Gantry ground rail active cable release rack + automatic cable release center



Storage wire tension controller



Rotary double disc metal belt tension release band rack



Thin metal strip spot welder



Metal belt storage machine



Metal strip striping machine



Cable core paste filling and metal belt edge oiling unit



Metal belt longitudinal wrap molding device



90-25 Extruder and auxiliary machine, head mold



Cooling System



40LOne-way caliper 40L



Alternating current spark machine



800KG crawler tractor



Hot embossing word meter + large length ribbon active release machine



300 m cable storage frame



Automatic wiring manipulator



PN800mm~PN2000mm gantry underground rail receiving and drainage line



Electric control system



Equipment connecting cables and overhead wire chlots


Main Configuration and Requirements of The Equipment

PN1000mm~PN2000mm gantry ground rail type active line frame + line automatic counter
It is composed of main frame, receiving unit, wiring arrangement unit, switching moving mechanism and electrical system, etc.
Using AC motor frequency conversion drive, with a discharge mechanism.
Equipped with storage line receiving line tension device, cylinder adjustment tension, manual adjustment of air pressure.
In the range from 750 to 2000 m m.
Release coil size: PN1000~PN2000mm;
Maximum weight of the tray: 4T;
Disout tension: 50N~500N ± 5N;

Ф800mm storage line discharge speed control device
Double wheel storage line type, PID control, pre-tension, wiring process, maintain a constant position.
Tension is given through the cylinder, the potentiometer feedback speed change, so that the cable core discharge speed and traction speed automatically synchronization;
Tension wheel diameter: Ф800 mm;
Tension range: 50~300N;
The stroke switch is installed at the limit position at both ends of the slide table.

Rotary double disc metal belt tension release band rack
Rotary structure. Magnetic powder torque control tension, the tension is manually adjustable, the metal belt plate is locked by the mechanical upward shaft mechanism, and the manual adjustment of the belt plate pair.
Tension adjustment range: 2~50Nm;
Maximum weight with plate: 500kg;
Plate width range: 15~Plate width range: 15~110mm;

Thin metal strip spot welder
Choose Wuxi nova products. Metal thin strip welding machine.

Metal belt storage belt machine
Box structure.
The width of the storage belt can be adjusted within the allowable range. The outlet of the storage belt box has tension control device and emergency stop switch.
Intake speed: 80~100M / min;
Storage capacity: 100M;
Storage band width: 12~110mm;
Metal band thickness: 0.2~0.3mm;
Band-out tension range: 5~50N

Oil unit filled with metal strap
Comist of ointment filling head and oil pump, connected between the high pressure oil pipe. The oil filling head is fixed on the two-dimensional adjustable bracket to replace the inlet and exit mold is convenient. The metal belt lap side plastering unit adopts frequency conversion control, which is synchronized with the production line speed. Track installation.
Oaste barrel can automatically fill;

Metal band rolling mill
Box structure. For rolling steel and aluminum strip, the rolling speed is automatically synchronized with the working speed of the host machine, and the tension is stable.
Rolling grain width: within 150mm;
Rolling depth: 0~0.5mm; (arc fine teeth) pitch: m=0.5, pitch 1.57mm;

Metal belt longitudinal wrap molding machine
Steel and aluminum strip with the line rapid exchange flip molding table, suitable for rapid molding of various metal belt products. Can be used for steel and aluminum strip rolling grain round longitudinal package and aluminum strip round longitudinal package. Distribution steel aluminum strip longitudinal package mold each one set.

90-25 extrusion unit
Including extruder, nose and mold, head negative pressure system, drying system, feeding system, electronic control system.
90-25 Extruder
AC frequency conversion motor drive, Danforth frequency converter drive. It has the function of single movement and linkage. During the linkage, the screw speed automatically changes linearly according to the set line speed to ensure that the outer diameter of the product remains unchanged when the speed changes. The 5 section of the cylinder temperature control, each section has a temperature gauge of mercury thermometer, cast aluminum heater, each area is equipped with cooling fan, heating, cooling double loop temperature control, import temperature controller (RKC) + thermocouple + solid state relay control temperature, real-time digital display setting and detection temperature, with the temperature lower limit protection function. There is water cooling system in the feeding area. With a BM screw, spline connection to facilitate screw disassembly, screw disassembly special tools.
Screw diameter: Ф 90mm;
Length-to-diameter ratio: 25:1;
Rated speed of screw: 100rpm;
Temperature control range: room temperature ~300℃± 2℃;
Main motor: 90KW (Siemens Wind motor)
Screw form: suitable for PE and PVC materials
Maximum extrusion capacity: 300kg / h (PE)

The nose and mold
Domestic professional manufacturers (Shanghai) customized.
The nose and the cylinder adopt active open and closed connection, the nose is divided into two sections of heating temperature control, 220VAC heater, the locomotive adopts internal heating, the use of multiple stainless steel heating tube (bullet heating tube) for heating temperature control. Japan temperature controller (RKC) + thermocouple + solid-state relay control temperature, real-time digital display of the setting and detection temperature, with the temperature lower limit protection function. With the cylinder pressure display and overpressure alarm function. Special tools for machine head mold disassembly.
Temperature control range: room temperature ~300℃± 2℃;
Two sets of different molds for commissioning (required mold size)

Head negative pressure system
It is composed of whirlpool air pump, connecting pipe, vacuum control valve and pressure gauge. The connector has a quick change connector.

Auxiliary engine:
The drying and feeding system selects domestic mature products, 200kg plastic dryer and top suction type automatic feeder. The feeding diameter of the feeding outlet and the discharge outlet shall not be less than 90mm. Sucsuction length is less than 4 m. The dryer is equipped with a low material level detector and has an acoustic and light alarm lamp.

Cooling System
The front section of the cold water tank is a single-layer stainless steel structure, with a cable guide wheel, which can move back and forth to adjust the product water point.
Total length of the water tank: 4 meters;
Movement range of the movement tank: 400mm;
The rear section is a single-layer stainless steel structure with a cable guide wheel. The upper and lower two layers of 8m sink, with a diameter of 800mmd guide wheel, the guide wheel structure is strong, for all stainless steel material, in the normal production process will not produce structural deformation and displacement because of the tension of the optical cable.
The length of the cold water tank is double layer 8m long structure (routing mode is top 2 bottom 1); the lower tank depth of 160mm is 160 mm above the ground.
The blowing dryer is 2 groups of blow drying mouth, each group has a separate hand valve to adjust the blowing air volume, the main intake pipeline has a solenoid valve to control the air source switch, and the local and main control interfaces can control the start and stop. Compressed air is provided by the gas station.

One-dimensional radiometer (40L)
Select domestic Shanghai long-term mature products, the seller is responsible for the signal integration, the main control real-time display of the detection data, according to the preset outer diameter and deviation, prompt the outer diameter error alarm, with real-time, historical alarm and curve recording functions.
Measuring range: 0.2~40mm

Communication spark machine
Choose domestic mature products (Shanghai Lanbo), 15KV

800KG crawler tractor
Crawler tractor, DC drive.
There is an electronic meter meter device, and the line speed can be displayed on the main screen. With the emergency stop button. With manual forward and reverse, click function, with touch control button.
Cable diameter: max. Φ 35mm
Maximum traction speed: 100m / min
Hot imprint word meter machine + large length ribbon active tape release machine
Choose domestic mature products. Hot press print.
With a set of number machine, range: 0~9999M
With a set of pieces. The word block content is determined by the customer.

Tension frame for 300 meters cable storage
It consists of the following parts:
300 m wire reservoir
Guide wheel device
Electrical box
Installation position and guide diameter of 300 m reservoir
The equipment is installed behind the sheath cooling tank.
A set of 650mm multiple aluminum wire wheel diameter storage capacity of 300 meters.
Guide wheel device
The guide device can guide the optical cable into the storage device from the main

Electric control cabinet
Small cabinet type, equipped with electrical components of the storage rack.
Performance parameters of rack equipment:
Storage line frame structure form: horizontal type
Speed of the storage line frame structure: 120m / min;
Stable use speed of the storage rack: 100m / min;
Maximum length of the storage line: about 300 m
Diameter of the reservoir guide wheel: Φ650mm;
Applicable cable diameter: Φ 7mm~ Φ 16mm;
Storage device tension range: 50N~250N;
Tension control mode: torque control;
Tension accuracy: ± 10%;
Both ends of the storage frame are equipped with limit travel switch and mechanical buffer mechanism;
Alarm function: when the storage line length reaches 80% of the maximum length of the storage rack, sound and light alarm reminder.

Automatic wiring line manipulator
It is composed of frame, rotating device, lifting device, safety and anti-collision system, manipulator system, laser range measuring and measuring control system of electronic control sensor, etc.
Structural type: the wiring arm can be installed independently on the independent support or on the gantry wiring rack. When the production line needs to be converted to manual wiring, the wiring arm can be conveniently moved to the side without affecting the manual wiring operation space.
Equipped with independent electric control box, with Siemens PLC200smart, 7-inch kinco color touch screen.
Line head change: laser ranging sensor
Deflection correction compensation: mechanical type + photoelectric type sensor
The equipment has XY direction mechanical drum measuring device (independent equipment installation). The drum measuring device can easily open the material mass and large drum drum through, and the drum measuring device has independent support installation. Maximum perforation is 40mm. Drum packs are over 35mm, and must be handled manually).

PN800mm~PN2000mm gantry ground rail receiving device + swing rod receiving tensor
It is composed of main frame, receiving unit, wiring arrangement unit, switching moving mechanism and electrical system, etc.
Use the AC motor frequency conversion to drive the receiving wire. Line line and line synchronization, automatic change, with change failure limit protection mechanism. Arrangement parameters, reversing point adjustment and manual rapid routing can be modified online.
With swing rod type wire tension device, counterweight adjustment tension, manual adjustment.
Wker size: PN800mm~PN2000mm;
Maximum weight of the receiving tray: 4T;
Line spacing: 5~50mm continuously adjustable;
Distance adjustment step length: 0.2mm;
Wire line tension: 50N~300N ± 5N;
Closing speed: 100m / min

Electric control system
The whole machine adopts the combined control technology (i. e., PC + PLC) to realize the synchronous operation of the whole line and the independent operation of the single machine.
As the main control system, PLC realizes the linkage control of the whole line. Operators can select the shutdown, slow speed and fast operation state through the interface. The production line will automatically switch between the three states according to the operation instructions and the various state signals of the equipment, and the speed will change according to the set lifting speed time without mutation. Can automatically respond to various fault signals, with a clear fault indication. The production speed and meter meter data are obviously displayed. The meter length can be pre-designed, and the production line can automatically prompt and speed down according to the preset section length.
PLC adopts the S7-1200 series products of German Siemens.
The industrial control machine adopts the domestic mature products, and the industrial control machine and the 19-inch LCD display frame are installed on the electric control cabinet rack.
Extruder driver using the PARKER series;
The AC servo controller uses Panasonic products
Air switch, contactor and other low voltage electrical sino-foreign joint venture products Schneider;
Electric control cabinet imitation wei diagram cabinet, the bottom of the chassis;
Power supply according to three phase five line wiring;
All enclosures and control cabinets of the equipment are reliably grounded.
The man-machine interface provided by Icontroller shall mainly include the following interface:
Production interface: provide the operation function buttons and parameter setting window of the production line, mainly including: production line speed display, production line speed setting, extruder speed and current display, extruder speed setting, traction and extruder start and stop button and product length, etc., and can display the overall status of the production line.
Alarm interface: display and record the real-time and historical alarm signals of production line to query the operator.
Curve interface: the historical curve of production line speed, host speed, extruder current and product outer diameter, alarm, to facilitate the operator to query the historical data.
Formula interface: the operator can establish the formula according to the process parameters, and can use the existing formula directly when using.
Other interfaces and functions shall be appropriately changed and added as required by the Demander.

Equipment connecting cables and overhead wire chlots
The supplier shall provide cables and ground / overhead line grooves for equipment connection in the production line).
Main power supply incoming cable shall be provided by the Demander.

The Demander Shall Provide The Technical Data As Follows

Equipment operation manual and operation manual, commissioning premise to supply to the demander;

Outline basic diagram of the equipment;

Electrical principle and wiring diagram of the equipment (the actual connection is consistent with the line number and the control system);

Mold figure;

Qualification certificate and factory date of outsourcing parts (including computer host);

Installation and maintenance of the components and details;

Guide for equipment operation and maintenance and instructions for purchased parts;

Provide the necessary mechanical drawings according to the equipment condition;

Provide a table of equipment vulnerable parts.


Equipment safety standards: Production equipment in line with the relevant national equipment safety standards. The exterior of the device is marked with safety warning labels (for example, high voltage and rotation). The whole production line has reliable grounding protection, and the mechanical rotating part has reliable protective cover. 

Other Conventions

After the completion of the equipment, notify the demander to the supplier to participate in the preliminary inspection of the equipment (inspection of the appearance and basic performance of the equipment, without online debugging); The Demander shall conduct inspection according to the technical requirements table, production line equipment configuration table and other contents, and conduct preliminary acceptance according to process operation, equipment maintenance, structural rationality and safety.

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