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Imagine spending a single day without wired or wireless connectivity. No Wi-Fi access on your devices; no wireless access points providing connectivity to cameras, screens or other devices in your building; no email or chat functions for communication.

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Mobile and wireless coverage have evolved to be vital utilities in today's world, equally important in our daily lives as electricity and gas. Increasingly, downtime isn't an option as connectivity is so central to our how we live and work.

Going forward, connectivity demands will only increase and as they do, new capabilities and infrastructure will be needed. For this reason, more fiber optic cable is being deployed to support our world’s bandwidth-intensive technologies. 

Infrastructure transformation will impact many industries including stadiums and entertainment venues, broadcast environments and data centers. In these verticals, applications are deploying fiber more than ever before to ensure reliable, always-on wired and wireless connectivity.

Indoor/Outdoor fiber Optic Cable is a lightweight cable with a low bending radius. Suitable for either indoor or outdoor installations these riser rated cables are used for horizontal and vertical links. The cable design combined with the tight-buffered fibres offers quick and easy cable and fibre preparation and the ability to directly terminate the fibres.

Product Features

Outdoor optical cable
Outdoor optical cable is mainly composed of optical fiber, plastic sleeve and plastic sheath, and the main application scene is outdoor.

FTTH fiber optic cable
FTTH fiber optic drop cable (Fiber to the home)is mostly simplex, dulplex structure.It is used for Indoor drop cable, where the building enters the house in the way of pipes or bright lines, and building drop cable.Meanwhile,it can also make FTTH patchcord.

Indoor fiber optic cable
Indoor fiber optic cable is used in buildings, mainly used for communication equipment, computers, switches, and end-user equipment in buildings.Meanwhile, it also can make Indoor fiber optic cable patchcord.

Armored fiber optic cable
Armored fiber optic cable is a layer of protective "armor" on the outside of the optical fiber, which is mainly used to meet the requirements for anti-rat bite and moisture resistance. Meanwhile, it can also make armored patchcord.

Patchcord are generally used for the connection between optical transceivers and terminal boxes, such as used in fiber communication systems, data transmission, and local area networks.

MPO Patchcord

Fiber Optic patch cords terminated with MPO/MTP connectors are specifically designed for the data center system. MPO/MTP connectors, using the MT ferrule, can increase the density of 4 to 144 fibers compared to traditional, single-fiber optic connectors.

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We support the standard and customization of different structures and types of optical cables. Welcome to communicate.

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