FTTH drop stainless steel flat Cable Clamp

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Flat Optical cable Clamp is designed to tension and support fiber optical cable or telephone drop cable on dead-end or intermediate routes during FTTH, FTTX network constructions.

This FTTH clamp’s body, wedges and bail are made of high strength stainless steel, by machine punching technology.

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Product Description

The installation of this FTTH drop clamp is very easy and convenient, self- adjusting wedges, which provide the tool free installation, and easy attaching of fiber optic cable by hands. Just need to put a appropriate size flat cable on the shell, put the raised embossing shim against cable then insert wedge in shell, at last attach this clamp on drop wire hook or bracket.

FTTH drop clamps passed a series of standard related type tests which are available in our internal laboratory, such as +70°C~-40°C Temperature and humidity cycling test, Tensile strength test, Aging test,Corrosion resistance test etc.

The package of this drop clamp is simple carton box. The pallet packing method is available as well, check more details with our sales.

Product Features

1.Good anti-corrosion performance.

2.High strength.

3.Abrasion and wear resistant.



6.Easy installation.


FTTH drop stainless steel6

8.The serrated shim increases the adhesion of stainless steel wire clamp on cables and wires.

9.The dimpled shims protect cable jacket from being damaged.


1) Used for securing many kinds of cables, such as fiber optic cables.

2) Used to relieve strain on messenger wire.

3) Used to support telephone drop wire at span clamps, drive hooks and various drop attachments.

4) 1 pair - 2 pair wire clamps are designed to support both ends of an aerial service drop using one or two pairs drop wires.

5) 6 pairs wire clamps are designed to support both ends of an aerial service drop using six pairs fiber reinforced drop wires.

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FTTH drop stainless steel7

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