G.652D Single-mode optical fiber (B1.3)-Grade B

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Low water peak non-dispersive displacement single-mode fiber is suitable for transmission system of the full band 1280nm ~ 1625nm, which not only maintains the low dispersion of the traditional band 1310nm, but also has a low loss at 1383nm, making the E band (1360nm ~ 1460nm) fully utilized. The loss and dispersion of the whole band from 1260nm to 1625nm are optimized, and the bending loss of 1625nm wavelength is reduced, which provides bandwidth resources for backbone network, MAN and access network.

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● The index of low-water peak non-dispersion-shifted single-mode fiber is better than ITU-T recommended G.652D and IEC B1.3 fiber technical specifications;

● Excellent optical performance, can satisfy the high efficiency of DWDM and transmission of CWDM system requirements;

● Excellent geometry size, to ensure the welding of low loss and high sealing performance;

● Low coefficient of PMD, satisfy the transmission system of long distance and high efficiency.

Product Production

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Product Application

1. Suitable for all kinds of fiber optic cable structure: central beam tube type, loose sleeve layer stranded type, skeleton type, fiber optic cable structure;

2. Applications of optical fiber include: fiber optical systems requiring low loss and high bandwidth, such as long-distance communication, trunk lines, loop feeders, distribution lines and cable TV, etc., especially suitable for 1383nm band coarse wavelength division multiplexing (CWDM), dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) and various special environment use (e.g. Lightning-proof OPGW optical cable, ADSS optical cable, etc.), the optical fiber through special light curing coating material and coating process and after processing, so that it has a more superior performance in mechanical properties and high temperature environmental performance.

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2.1 multiple or more than 10km, more than 20km, can be discussed

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