Optical fiber heat shrinkable tube

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Fiber Optic Fusion Splice Protection Sleeves is Consist of cross linked polyolefin, Hot fusion tubing and Stainless Reinforcing Steel Rod which keep optic transmission properties of optical fiber and enhance the protection to optical fiber splices. Easily operating to the optical fiber during installation without damaging and clear sleeve make it easy to detect splice before shrinkage. Sealing structure make the splice free from influence of temperature and humidity in special environment.

Fiber optic heat shrink splice sleeve,40mm, 45mm, 60 mm. Transparent plastic tube and stainless steel rod designed to prevent stress and protect fusion fiber optic splices in field and factory operations.

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Product Benefits

Transparent plastic tube

Stainless steel rod

Prevents stress and protects fusion fiber optic splices in field and factory operations

Sleeves are made of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA)

Sleeves have heat-activated memory which causes them to shrink under heat

Sleeves shrink tightly to exclude air and hold the rod firmly, preventing abrasion of delicate glass fibers

Product Features

1. Consist of cross-linked polyolefin, hot fusion tubing and stainless reinforved steel rod (quartz or ceramic).
2. Keep optical transmission performance of optical fiber.
3. Provide safe protection to optical fiber splicing.
4. Easily use and avoid any damage to the optical fiber during installation.
5. Sealing structure provides good performance to the splicing in the environment with temperature and humidity.

Product Applications

It is composed of heat shrinkable polyolefin, hot melt adhesive and a rod to strengthen the joint.  The fiber coating is reconstructed to provide mechanical strength in the fusion joint area and maintain optical transmission.

Optical fiber heat shrinkable 1

Product Performance

Product style

Rare fiber

Single needle

Double needle





Inner /outer diameter




Steel needle

304 stainless steel needle

304 stainless steel needle

304 stainless steel needle

Optical fiber heat shrinkable 8
Optical fiber heat shrinkable 7
Optical fiber heat shrinkable 6

Operating Temperature Range

Operating Temperature -45˚C~100˚C / -45˚C~135˚C
Minimum Shrink Temperature 80˚C
Minimum Fully Recovery Temperature 120˚C
Optical fiber heat shrinkable 9
Optical fiber heat shrinkable 14
Optical fiber heat shrinkable 10
Optical fiber heat shrinkable 12
Optical fiber heat shrinkable 11
Optical fiber heat shrinkable 13

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