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Q span clamp, also called cable span clamp, can be fixed with the splint 90 degrees rotation, used to fix the role of cable line, fastening on the strand, for the S-type fixed parts connected to the steel stranded wire devices.

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This FTTH span clamp is compose of aluminum bracket, bolt and hex nut. Bolt and hex nut are made of high quality steel and processed by galvanized finish. Double side aluminum bracket can clamp conductor well without slipping.

The purpose of the span clamp is to provide drop wire clamp attachment at the mid-span, the span clamps are superior in safety and functionality to produce small quantities efficiently to increase productivity.

The clamp plays an important role in protecting the cable, and it also assists in reducing vibration.

Clamp plates are made of aluminium with 3/8″ steel hardware. Moreover, the strand size ranges from ¼” to 3/8″ to prevent loss of nut thread and are used during installation.

These are composed of high-quality steel for corrosion-resistant to ensure that the diamond parts withstand the corrosive environment and are mechanically galvanized to meet ASTM specifications.

 The bolts and nuts are formed from Grade 2 steel, and bolts are 3/8″ in diameter for additional strength.

Product Features

1. Easy to install and operate.

2. Flexibly adjust the angle and position.

3. Light-weighted and compacted.

4. Galvanized steel and aluminum material,durable

5. Wide range messenger diameter

6. Good environmental stability

7. Fair price

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Packaging and Shipping

1. Normal Package: inner box +carton
2. Specific packaging can be made to order.

You can specify other shipping methods such as Airmail, FEDEX or DHL. We shall let you know about the shipping cost after receipt of your order. 
And also can send by sea or air, kindly send me the port of yours.

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