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The Galvanized Wire Rope Thimbles are made of mild steel and manufactured to a standard DIN 6899 (A), widely used for light duty rigging applications. They are used to protect the inner eye area of a wire rope sling when subjected to high friction forces. Simply loop the cable around the outer groove and secure with a ferrule or wire rope grip.

Thimble clevis are used in guying and deadending applications. They are the interface connection fitting used in attaching guy wire, conductor, wire grips or dead end bails to eye type fittings of insulators, eye bolts and pole eye plates.

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Standard Duty Thimbles are good for the light duty rigging applications. Even with the zinc plating to help resist corrosion, these rope thimbles will be ideally suited for indoor or low-corrosive environments.

A thimble is a grooved metal fitting that is manufactured to protect the fastening loop of a wire rope sling. When a wire rope assembly is terminated with an eye or loop at the end, a cable thimble is inserted to form the eye of the loop before the rope is secured. Greater protection against wear and deformation of the wire rope eye. Longer service life.

Product Features

1. Generous wire seat diameter to assist the cable, wire grip or bail in maintaining it’s shape.

2. Integral pulling eye area accommodates hooks used in tensioning guy wire or conductor.

3. General: Protection of cable loops.

4. Material: Carbon steel or Stainless steel.

5. Finish: Galvanized.

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Wire Rope Set Ring

Wire rope set ring for the end of the rope around tying, to prevent excessive bending and wear, and can be connected to other components of the heart metal ring.

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Stainless Ssteel Material 

Stainless steel material  bright surface, beautiful grade,rust proof, corrosion resistant, high strength, durable

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More Durable

More durable Can effectively protect the wire rope, easy to use;Good shock resistance, prolong the service life of wire rope

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